Officer Like Qualities


Dear aspirants ,

 I humbly request you to read and re- read the chapter of officer like qualities to be a successful real life hero ..  the impressive man in the uniform .. leader of men in the most positive sense .

In the twenty five years of training with comprehensively educating the mind,  I realised that everyone and just everyone is worth being recommended to be an officer provided the aspirant  has an open eyes to observe , open ears  to listen to understand and open mind to absorb and decode the principles of an impressive traits alike an officer – so to be selected in the first appraisal by the service selection board to recommend you to be an officer tomorrow

OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES ( OLQ ‘s – officially named by Defence Institute of Psychological  Research  – DIPR ) are the main parameters on basis of which the candidate is evaluated in SSB ( The Service Selection Board .)

It is very necessary to serve with a balanced mind , a performance that speaks volume of your abilities with respect to the desired traits  by the recommending board . 

To put to the entire chapter of the qualities ( OLQ’s) in a conclusive fashion . I would like to present a summed up version which would be easy to comprehend and keep in the back of the mind while the candidate performs  . 

I propose a small memorising code to keep in the back of the mind.( note it has been summarised from the essence of the criteria followed by the DEFENCE INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH – DIPR – the training establishment of the selectors.)

T-   Turn out.
E-   Etiquettes & Social Mannerisms.
C-  Communication skills.
H-  Human understanding & sociability.
N-  Natural & Genuine behaviourism.
O-  Organising & planning ability .
C-  Courage & initiative.
R-  Reasoning & resourcefulness.
A-  Active cooperation & enthusiasm.
T-  Tenacity & Determination.
I-    Intelligent application.
C-  Consistency minus contradiction.

  1. TURNOUT – A well groomed turnout so to look neat and acceptable to all ( unfortunately in spite of best of abilities inside us the physical impressions affects or acceptability in our group and some times exhumes a persona which is in complete contradiction to the inner self . I don’t advocate one to dress up in new clothes and glamorously decked up but certainly advocate a neat and clean impression so to generate a balanced and respectable impression. 
  2. ETIQUETTES & SOCIAL MANNERISMS social manners and etiquettes – the moment a candidate arrives in the service         selection centre , rather at the receiving point – mostly the railway station the interaction begins with other candidates and a well behaved manner is a pre requisite to not spoil the first impression so as not to be a hurdle in our interpersonal interactions later during the evaluation process particularly when the group gets involved and everyone’s mind comes to play the game of acceptance and cooperating with each other. 
  3. COMMUNICATION SKILLS – the communication skills of an individual plays a pivotal role and is an important tool of bridging distances with fellow candidates , understanding with officers evaluating. These communication skills are of two kinds – the first being verbal and the second written . Being reasonably clear with a right tone and audibility is mandatory for the verbal communication of course during the social exchanges one tends to be more sensitive to a respectful and accommodative style of communication and thus one needs to be watchful to use words rightly , concisely and precisely .  In the second form of communication that is the written form , one needs to be very clear and systematically coherent when one writes stories ( TAT – the thematic apperception test ) , with  clearly understood message in the word test ( WAT -,word association test ) , reasonably methodical and logical writing to reflect your ability to handle situation in a properly prioritised  manner in the possible situation management ( SRT – situation reaction test ) and lastly clearly written and easily comprehensible thoughts reflecting your opinion ( SDT – self description test ). 
  4. HUMAN UNDERSTANDING & SOCIABILITY – the individual desired is expected to be equipped with reasonable human understanding because that is the area / field where the individual will have to excel in managing later. The individual with an enriched view of human management , thanks to his / her prior experience  of school / college is certainly more welcome , as the  candidate would be quick and in adaptability and adjusting . The human understanding and sociability enables one to adapt among the group members in the most amiable and cohesive manner  is important requisite for the candidate recommended would be travelling across the country and sometimes across the world. The candidate does not necessarily have to be an extrovert but yes preference is given as the extroverts are fast adaptors yet the ambivert or the evolving introvert are welcome provided they embrace co- existing with harmony . The human understanding is also but essential qualities in identification of potential of different individuals and thereafter utilising it to the best of possibility in ensuring the execution of task allotted .
  5. NATURAL & GENUINE BEHAVIOURISM– the individual is desired to be seemingly natural ( though this is not a quality but an essential parameter to identify the real from the unreal and avoid selecting a cosmetically  designed personality ) . The evaluators are always identifying each candidate separately as per their credentials – background of education, economical class, locational culture and appropriate assimilation of thoughts in terms of mature observation and responses. 
  6. ORGANISING & PLANNING ABILITY – the individual recommended  to be an officer would later be accountable to plan and to organise many activities , exercises , field operations both in peace and in war and thus the individual’s ability to pre conceive with an intelligent foresight is important. The group planning exercise and many question related to situation management would be put to the individual to assess his / her organising ability inclusive of his / her prioritisation process.
  7. COURAGE & INITIATIVE – the individual to be recommended  must possess courage and ability to initiate and come forward by own and participate in the various evaluation activities . The individual hesitant would be certainly a poor leader and poor example to others . Time and again an Individual’s courage as a leading  officer would be put to test in the service tenure and thus a candidate aspiring to be an officer must certainly exhibit the psychological trait of courage and guts.
  8. REASONING ABILITY & RESOURCEFULNESS– the reasoning ability of an individual is but essential to follow a logical order so that can resolve  logically challenges they will have to face and as an officer their proper reasoning and logical ability will be influencing not only their future but future of many soldiers relying on his / her decision.
  9. ACTIVE COOPERATION & ENTHUSIASM– the individual assessed needs to display active cooperation , I repeat active co-operation, which is different from latent cooperation , which often is put to display by candidates wrongly . Remember active cooperation is when candidate is actively participating in a fashion of synergy and not subjugation. The enthusiasm of performance in a young candidate is essential to establish the seeded passion which is popularly termed in the Indian armed forces as “The Josh”. However I with my long training experience promote the important line which a candidate must follow and display – ” Josh with Hosh” , where “JOSH “stands for enthusiastic performance and ” HOSH “stands for evaluated alertness.
  10. TENACITY & DETERMINATION-the individuals’self determination is a core strength that keeps the individual on the toes so to achieve the end result which is concluding the task undertaken important for execution as a unit of work for the broader goal. The candidate having an inbuilt cognitive trait of persistently pushing himself / herself to complete an assigned task is an essential attribute which is identified by the evaluators so to confirm that one on the leading position as an officer would be able to not only pursue the task assigned but also enthuse energy to the following soldiers
  11. INTELLIGENT APPLICATION – the individuals’ keen observation and alert focus is an essential requisite which coupled with ability to find solutions is mandatory for the candidates recommendation . The evaluator may certainly deep probe by changing conditions and adding complications to check how the candidate is able to dynamically apply intelligence to wriggle out of all conditions he / she faces or is made to face by the testing manipulations of the evaluating Officer.
  12. CONSISTENCY MINUS CONTRADICTION – this of course is not a part of the chapter of Officer Like Qualities but a very essential part of evaluation , which is applied in the testing methodology of cross examination which is but essential to establish the validity of the results and candidates’ performance authenticity . Note – it has s often seen that flash n he pan is mistaken as GOLD which it is not , therefore confirmation is mandatory so that the assessed is not able to misrepresent and disguise his / her true traits by monitored and sculpted  performance.

NOTE – As qualities is an abstract assessment which cannot be quantified to accuracy thus the assessor keeps a keen eye to pick all cues possible to identify the candidates’  ability and personality traits . 

The assessment is three tiered that is a person is put to test not only by identifying his / her performance in the three  plus one fields namely –

A. Psychological  tests
In this method the individual is given freedom to let his/ her thoughts free via – 

  1. Stories.( TAT ) 
  2. Word Association Test . ( WAT )
  3. Situation Reaction Test. ( SRT )
  4. Self Description Test . ( SDT )

B. Group Tasks
In this method the individual is given various task as a group member and his / her performance is evaluated on the pattern of Natural Observation Method .

  1. Two Group Discussions . ( G.D.)
  2. One Group Planning Exercise . ( G.P.E.)
  3. Four Progressive Group Task  . ( P.G.T. )
  4. One Half Group Task . ( H.G.T.)
  5. One Snake Race ( S.R. ) 
  6. One Lecturette ( Lect.)
  7. Ten Individual Obstacle Task ( I.O.T. )
  8. One Individual Command Task. ( I.C.T.)
  9. One Final Group Task . ( F.G.T.)

C. Interview 
In this method an interviewing officer goes for proper cross – examination of your furnished details and personality. The interview may last anywhere between 5- 120 minutes or more as per  need assessed by the interviewing officer who can be a specially allotted ( I.O. ) or the president and Vice President of the S.S.B. Centre and board.

D. Conference 
This is the decision making and an essential part of all the three authoritative figure of Psychology  , Group testing and Interview.

The S.S.B. interview culminates with the announcement of result of the recommended and the rest not to be disappointed as many such failures vz a viz late president of India Hon. Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam , Amitabh Bachchan & Shahrukh khan the film actor  yet became successful  in life .

The three testing methodology assesses one in three different and most effective assessment methods of Psychology  –

A. Assessment of thoughts ( Psychological Test – TAT, WAT , SRT & SDT )
This in simple Indian terms is called – ” Analysis of MAN ( desire ) “.

B. Assessment of Action ( Group Task – GD,GPE, PGT,HGT,SR,Lect., IOT, ICT& FGT.)
This in simple Indian terms is called – ” Analysis of KARMA ( actions )”.

C. Assessment of Words ( interview – Open end – freely deep probing )
This in simple Indian terms is called – ” Analysis of Vachan ( words )”.

Note – Thus in conference all three evaluators get together to analyse and sum up  the findings and by conducting correlation of personality to performance as well as ability so to culminate with the end result – whether the candidate is to be recommended for the post of an OFFICER in the Indian Armed Forces or rejected as per the result of the evaluation conducted.

Where does one develop and groom the OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES ?
This question is very common to everyone’s mind and  the answer is equally simple.

As a candidate grows and evolves in his / her school , the qualities that the assessor desires automatically comes to life via the participative and learning act of the individual.

The Personal InFormation Questionnaire is evidence to it – 
Where the candidate files his / her educational achievements ( which reflects ones’ observation , learning and application ability reflected in marks attained.)

Where the candidate files his / her detail of city and state of residence , thus the evaluator gets to analyse objectively how the assessed responded to the probable atmosphere and how he / she evolved as among the good and promising if not the best of performers. 

Where the candidate files his / her family details. Undoubtedly family has been a major source of influence on the candidates life , it also indicates the economical condition of the family and its impact on resource availability and consumption to avail the facilities and the challenges one faces as one grows in the school and college with support or lack of possible support by the parents.

Where the candidate files his / her participation in sports and thus defines the activity level in terms of physical parameter and psychological tendencies which a sporting activity develops inherently.

Where the candidate is checked whether was participant as an NCC ( National Cadet Corps ) cadet and the different activities and duties discharged concluding with the grades obtained to justify the ability and the performance level.

Where the candidate is evaluated on his / her hobbies to understand and decode the personal preferences, likings and affinities.

Where the candidate is evaluated in terms of his / her ability with respect to the different activities conducted in the school and  college and the candidates participation level and effectiveness both in terms of individual capacity and social effectiveness. The tenure and regularity of participation is also scanned and verified both via certificates and verbally in terms of details and deep probing the experiences.

Where the candidate is evaluated in terms of responsibility and the different activities he / she volunteered in terms of execution, organising and discharging and the methodology adapted including analysis of appreciation by the relevant authorities of the said activity.


In these designed queries , verification is disguised as simple questions-

Where the candidate is evaluated via his/ her daily routine on both

 Week day and holidays and thus data is gathered to relate to his / her early statements about activities , achievements and the efforts put in to achieve.

Where the candidate is checked upon the end result of his / her various exercises of industrious efforts and thus his / her earlier so claimed achievements are validated .

Where the candidate is checked upon his / her alertness and awareness about his / her surroundings , habitat , city, state, nation and world .

Where the candidate is supposedly placed in a hypothetical situation where the candidate is evaluated on his / her ability to analyse and thereafter exhibit ability on basis of assumption and thus expose the cognitive skill and the ability to adapt and execute the future duties when detailed .

Where the candidate is checked upon the interpersonal skill acquired via the school, college , social ( including within family and neighbourhood ) experiences .

Where the candidate is checked upon his / her positive outlook in situations painted with different challenges and shades of possibilities.

Where the candidates – parental , friend and social influences are examined in terms of attitude learned and imbibed over the period of time.

Where the candidates maturity level is checked in terms of being self dependent and emotionally stable.

Where the candidates presence of – self motivation , self discipline and empowering determination is checked upon which are basic requisites to be a leader of men.

Where the candidate is checked upon his / her balanced approach to the various elements of life the candidate will have to face and may face . Etc….

Every individual learns and absorbs right from the early childhood days , right through the teen hood and beyond. Every moment spent leaves behind a mark and impact on the thought process the source of your behaviour and the resultant personality .The Parenting, the experience with siblings , the healthy competition with your peer group, the responsibilities shouldered efficiently and discharged effectively.

“Persona” is the source of personality , which etymologically means a mask. Now here arises a confusion what one has to do , generally people code it as – cosmetic and well structured impression as it implies , But here one needs to understand that for the officials it does not imply so, they have designed the entire evaluation exercise to deep probe through the shield of your protection gear that you put to use  to protect your personality from invasion. Their three methodologies of psychological measurements are competent to decode the true you, that is defined by your reaction to stimulus served via stories , words , situations , your confessions in self description test , your conduct and behavioural reactions in the various Group Task,your answers in the interview and your overall conduct during your stay in the service selection centre where the service selection board officials operate testing from.

As you ( individual appearing for interview ) have furnished details in the Personal Information Questionnaire ( PIQ ) – in layman’ s language – your Bio Data . The evaluating officers  not only are able to gauge your efficiency but also ably decode the truth of the details via their cross – examination technique. The evaluation process is very ably designed to get a reasonably clear picture of the individual’s potentialities as well as behavioural possibilities in the times ahead . The individuals ‘ liking, disliking, strength , weakness and appropriateness with reference to the military standards are well gauged and with complete justice towards the need of the organisation are recommended or not recommended as per their criteria and abstractly quantifying the dimensions. 

The Armed forces is not looking for outstanding nor below standard performance but only the relevant standard which the Defence Institute of Psychological Research has rightly defined after a long and elaborate study of effective performers in their tenure of service. 

The intelligent candidate while evolving from a child to an adolescent equips self with many such efficiencies and if blessed with good environment , parental support , good schooling and reasonable relationships with sibling NGOs,friends and neighbourhood is certainly the most probable candidate to be recommended , provided his performance is stable and not self contradictory. 

A visit to an experienced behaviourist and objectively training personnel can benefit to multiply confidence of the candidate in himself / herself which certainly is mandatory to perform with calmness and consistency . However not compulsory for a keen learner who uses his / her logical mind to the various tips being provided after such a long training experience validated with consistent results years after years by us – the La Militaire Academy Family . 

We have understood the logistical issues in this covid -19 corona pandemic and facilitating on the doorstep classes via digital ( objectively and personalised candidate to candidate .) is being initiated to maintain the same ratio of results .

The guidelines  is honorarium and absolutely not chargeable and is with the Prespective to facilitate the right information and puts to check the myths which have been misguiding individuals over a long period of time . 

We regret that our internet presence was  underlined with zero activity earlier as the guidance services  which we were delivering were very elaborated as each individual was served with relevance to his / her personality  and by long counselling sessions was enabled to absorb the lessons in his / her  relevant vogue , so to conceptually strengthen and possess the right set of beliefs that enhances self confidence and strong self belief . 

Well many candidates as per their learning process they adopted in school adopt method of memorising word to word and in the offered classes as per the present practice of 10-15 days by the different group structured classes tend to duplicate it word to word for selection, without absorbing the necessary relevance or logic of the exercise . 

 It is important to note that psychology is not a subject like chemistry or physics or any other to be cut, copy and pasted, rather here every individual being unique has a unique perception with relevance to his / her background and experiences . Thus the candidate must be fearless enough to express candidly yet must also be relevant performer as per the expectation of the evaluator.

The candidate unfortunately may not be blessed with an enriched atmosphere yet guidelines how to enrich self and thereafter candidate efforts becomes the foundation of his / her success. The candidate may be under confident or over confident and thus checking him/ her from both the excess is mandatory for assuring the selection. Some times candidate possess all the essentials yet is unable to express or misrepresents to be denied success.

We have never believed in a coached performance but in guidance – ( the strengthening of ones own self belief and appropriate and true expression to be appreciated and subsequently recommended )   – thus to be feathered with such distinguished colours of reasonably outstanding  results inspite  of less catered numbers 


The Academy was initiated to bless benevolence to the deprived and weak sections of the society , however over a period of time to enable the said objective a nominal amount was initiated as a possible convenient charges so to maintain the team and thus facilitate the necessary environment , continuity and research to enable best results by allotting a dedicated team.

The Faculty Captain Dr. Arun K Shukla has been an effective chief executive and  along with  the team  of guiding officers and assisting teachers the Academy completed its thirty successful years on Fifth of February  2018 , by then thousand plus officers and sixteen thousand plus soldiers got benefitted. 

The personalised method of psychological enhancement has been the FORTE of the entire team of LA MILITAIRE  ACADEMY – we are not magicians – we support magicians – the industrious students guiding their efforts .

Two philosophies are the basis of our ACADEMY 

  1. We are alike the mile stone on the road ,which though stationary , gives relevant information of how far we are from the destination and the direction of the destination to the travelling , energetic  and intelligent aspirants .
  2. We humbly emulate the ever inspiring godly example of Lord Krishna  who guided the able warrior Arjuna with lessons to victory.

We are mere guides with whatever sincere efforts we can to salute the warriors and conquerors of tomorrow.

# a personalised on a one to one basis , formatted training by the Academy team , guided by the 25 yrs + experienced psychological trainer and  behaviourist , can help you prepare by self however if you still have issues of understanding or in case you are a repeater and want to analyse what goes wrong you can go for an appraisal and analytical suggestion by furnishing us with your full size two  different photographs one from close  (a feet away ) and one from (five feet away) and also fill the personal information questionnaire and the different answers LMA – analytical questions format ( LAQF ) along with writing stories in the given columns , sentences on words given and reactions on situations given along with  Self Description Format (SDF) Provided to you and designed question section( DSQ ) so that we can get first preview which will be supported with suggestive corrections and there on practical tips to be impressive among the Group members coupled with a personality  exercise designed to serve as a cognitive workshop supported with an online / video consultation , in the So termed personal session of personality analysis and suggestion workshop( PASW ) on a one to one basis .

Dr. Arun K.SHUKLA.

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