Why Join Armed Forces ?


What should be the answer when an aspirant is questioned why he / she wants to be an armed forces officer ?

The aspirant needs to display common sense and originality in the answer . The standard answers are generally too long and structured . In the twenty five years of training aspirants exposed me to the fact that the candidates memorised  to sound unnatural and funny . Thus to my belief the answer should be having personalised shades like inspiration from your senior or relative along with a short and precise answer viz a viz

  1. Sir,to cherish the true thrill of serving as a combatant for nation & earn my living .
  2. Sir, to earn the respect the uniform armed forces genuinely receives.
  3. Sir, career being once a life time opportunity to live my life to full in the different circumstances I will get to serve . 
  4. Sir, to my best knowledge it’s a career full of healthy colours of activity and application of mind.
  5. Sir, I desire something more than just a desk job, activities and sports.
  6. Sir, as my father was in the forces I got to live with him & respect the career.
  7. Sir, to my best knowledge it’s a career which gives one legitimate credentials to work in war and peace.
  8. Sir, my senior from school enriched me with inputs of the all round life style I would like to live .
  9. Sir, I was an audience when an armed forces officer inspired us with his/ her speech when he / she visited , it inspired me .
  10. Sir, during travel, I happened to meet an armed forces officer and was inspired by his personality and desire to be like him/ her.

Note – these are few examples which can give an idea of the answer you may give. Even practical answers are welcome provided they are logical. 

A. Sir ,government job is my priority as I look for and I find this profession as outstandingly different , promising me a good status in lieu of my hard work I would be any case doing.

B. Sir I look for working in a stable  environment and progressing there with dedication and consistent effort , instead of hopping in the corporate sector without being faithfully stable in desire of progress . 

C. Sir , my relative / friend serves in the forces and his / her change in personality is an inspiring story for all of us , I desire to be same.

D. Sir, we are a group of friends and we all are looking forward to join and serve in the armed forces and few have made it now it’s my chance to clear and join them.

These are just few of the ones as an example – but not to copied but to be understood and personalised as per your bio data and locational details.

  1. Every answer can be deep probed and thus it is but essential for you to prepare that as well, … example – they can question how?  where ? What? Compare etc. 
  2. Important advice that one must never give a hyperbolic or extremely positioned answers like .
  3. ” I want to serve the nation and die for the nation and be a martyr”- the sentence displays a dramatic version and of course a negative thought is included.
  4. Half version – like -“I want to serve the nation “. -stands questionable for every citizen of the country is serving the nation.
  5. Heroic answers – like – ” I want to get licence to kill , terrorist etc ” – again sounds too dramatic and romanticising . 
  6. Spirited answers like -” I want to adventure out in life and armed forces gives me an opportunity ” – can be questioned as well for it underlines only the adventurous spirit , not the necessary responsible approach which is but essential for a dutiful profession like the armed forces . So they may counter with question like why don’t you enrol in a adventure camp , or did you etc. ?
  7. Athleticism emphasising answers like – ” I want to pursue sports and armed forces facilitates that .” -can be questioned as well that why don’t you join sports academy ? 
  8. Calculative answers like – ” I am looking  for a good pay scale and facilities and privileges .” Can again place you into a tight corner and sound as if you are a businessman who lacks the necessary spirit.
  9. Some ultra pragmatic answers like -” I am looking for a stable career and that’s what the armed forces assure , not to get fired.” – is an answer that speaks of unaccountable nature . 
  10. Some vague answers like -” I never thought , I just walked in as my parents asked me to fill form for jobs and I did it “. – this answer will also not help.

Note – For the FAIR GENDER the answers can be similar- though any melodramatic answers like I want to compete with men and prove that woman’s are second to none are reflective of a psychological block , which may hinder functioning shoulder to shoulder with men . The defence forces authority are certainly not open to entertain such harridan / virago  / battle axe personality as part of their team. 

The answer which reflects a balanced mind with right set of reasons to join the armed forces is certainly welcome and reflective of genuine personality 

however a personalised answer which correlates with your set of background would be a better answer. I repeat there is a possibility of a deep  probe and you must be ready to answer the why ? There is also possibility of a comparative study between two careers which needs to be prepared , certainly It is expected from a thinking individual to have second alternatives and you must be prepared for the same. A third alternative can also be questioned and a candidate must have relevant answers in his/ her mind.

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