About Us


Dr. Arun K Shukla needs no introduction. He is a renowned psychoanalyst, behaviorist, and personality mentor. Apart from this, he had been serving as the chief executive and trainer at La Militaire Academy since 1995. La Militaire Academy is a platform where pupils are prepared for Armed Forces or Defense Services. Dr. Shukla belonged to an absolute Army background, as his father served as a senior officer in the Indian Armed Forces, and his sisters are also married to Senior army officers ( one a martyr and the other presently retired ). He himself was part of the short service commission as a trainee officer .

He is said to have a strong knack on the Interview part of Armed Services. He possesses strong communication skills. He has helped more than 1000 officers and over 15000 soldiers to achieve their dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces.

Dr. Shukla follows a unique style of guiding and training students. He doesn’t use conventional methods of preparing students for the interviews. In fact, he believes in opening , guiding , enriching their mind with knowledge and strengthening their mind with confidence to the level of performance that the service selection board expects.

Anxiety and depression have become an inevitable part of our daily lives. However, that’s not what we should live with. We get depressed because we lack the right strategies to handle, and that’s when we need a professional to help us. So, Dr. Shukla started “Successful Heroes,” a platform dedicated to guide or mentor students for the SSB Interviews, professionals to help overcome the mental blocks, and to deal with professional complications and challenges .Successful Heroes is Dr. Shukla’s dream project meant for both students and professionals. He will be helping pupils and professionals build up a positive mindset to become successful in life.

He has been featured in various media houses. Besides, he has been awarded by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Central government Minister of India, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, the Governor of Rajasthan, the Governor of Madhya Pradesh , the Governor of Kerala , the mayor and many other prominent social and government dignitaries for his contribution in the field of Education.