Corporate Professional Counseling

Of course, we all look for a happy workplace; however, it remains a distant dream for some. Most people really struggle hard at their workplace. Every organization has some such employees who tend to partake in behavior that makes other employees uncomfortable.  Things like sexual harassment, verbal abuse, workplace bullying, overutilization of the employee, etc. are becoming common at workplaces now. Apart from this, unnecessary work pressure also creates a situation of discomfort for an employee.

Under such circumstances, one starts to feel depressed and frustrated, which leads to other problems in their personal life as well. Though every employer provides a safe and friendly environment to its employees yet aberrations disturb and many employers prefer to ignore the issues and repercussions.

A large number of employees around the world succumb to work-related issues each year. Employees have to face really intimidating, degrading, hostile, humiliating, and offensive environment. But for the sake of their family, financial pressures, and other needs, they continue to tolerate all that. And gradually, it all affects their mental and emotional health.

But, you should certainly not “be prepared” to tolerate all this at all. Not only does this affect your efficiency, but also it can impact your personal life adversely. Remember, all this is not normal. Yet we cannot deny that these are challenges one should know how to resolve and execute solutions to adjust and perform exemplarily well.

If you are also facing all these at your workplace, or in your career, then Dr. Arun K Shukla is the right person to approach. He is a renowned psychoanalyst, behaviorist, and personality mentor. He can help you with the right solution to deal with such a situation. Sometimes people start feeling depressed because of the mundanity and regularity in their lives. This is when you need someone to help you get motivated and start anew. And Dr. Shukla is one of the best sources to approach during such conditions and situations. He possesses the immense experience and has dealt with many people with similar problems in the past as well. Because of his massive contribution as a behaviourist and psychologist , he has been awarded many state and national level awards.

If you are also going through a professional discomfort and are unable to find the right solution, then feel free to contact Dr. Shukla. You won’t ever regret your decision!!